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Chris Everard has composed soundtracks for 500+ TV shows and films.

This is the soundtrack for his new film project:


About the soundtrack for THE SECRET HOLOCAUST:

CHRIS EVERARD composed the soundtrack to THE SECRET HOLOCAUST in the summer of 2022.

The first ever serious piece of music I composed was in 1980, and I recorded it at the Penthouse Studio in Abbey Road Studios, engineered by my best friend at school, Geoff Goddard, who worked as a sound engineer recording film soundtracks for STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, SUPERMAN and many other motion pictures. I became a regular at Abbey Road, sitting in on many orchestral movie soundtrack sessions, learning the ’8108’ mixing console designed by Rupert Neve and the very first edition of the Solid State Logic 4000E mixer.

At night, after the orchestras had gone home, I would experiment and have a go at playing all kinds of instruments, and we would record unusual harmonics and any other weird effect we could get from the instruments. JUICE LESKERNEN’S RAM JAM rock band were recording in the Penthouse studio in Abbey Road and at night, unbeknownst to them, I would experiment with an analogue Korg 700S synthesiser, grand piano and electric bass.

We pretty much had free reign over whatever studio was empty and through this period of creativity I made some impressive recordings which I archived and have been using in film soundtracks which I have composed over the years.

Geoff introduced me to one of the chief engineers at Abbey Road, Mr Peter Bown. Peter had recorded Pink Floyd, the Holies and Mantovani. Peter invited myself and Geoff to take over the running of Peter’s personal studio, and from there I amassed a huge archive of instrument recordings and experimental sounds. Peter had four Studer reel-to-reel tape recorders, and it was in this studio, starting in 1981, that I began to teach myself composition and experimental sound techniques, which I wrote down in my book, THE HOME RECORDING HANDDBOOK which was published by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Books in 1985.

I studied at Goldsmiths in London, my tutor was Hugh Davies who worked as Stockhausen’s assistant.

Around 3,000 music performances and rare ethnic instruments were added to my sound archive whilst filming documentaries around the world, including Egyptian drums recorded in Cairo and Luxor, and chanting recorded inside the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST soundtrack was composed during the heatwave of 2022. I digitally remastered my recordings and combined them with sampled and resynthsized versions which I have created using the Roland Juno-DS and Korg WaveState. I also recorded fresh acoustic drums, timpani, flutes, flamenco guitar, percussion and voices using a Rupert Neve Focusrite microphone amplifier and the EQ from my AMEK RECALL console.

I also used:

Pioneer 24bit 96kHz recorder

Audio Technica headphones & microphones

Korg Wavestate

Roland Juno DS

The recordings were digitised at 24bit resolution. This download is in a file format which is compatible with most phones and most computers.

I would like to pay tribute to octavist Aleksander Ort who inspired the main theme for the SECRET HOLOCAUST titles sequence and Yuko Matsuzaki for playing such beautiful emotional flute.

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST tells the true history of genocide of millions of babies of poor families in dozens of countries who were used as guinea pigs in illegal vaccine trials in the 1920s, 1930s and into the modern era. Many were murdered and their bodies tossed into unmarked mass graves. The culprits were nuns and priests, aided by the Establishment and the Commonwealth hierarchy in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Spain and other countries. Some of the nuns and priests were totally unqualified and serving a fake church which had been established in the late 1800s, and was eventually managed by disciples and colleagues of British black magician ALEISTER CROWLEY.

The soundtrack features elements of the Gnostic Mass, First Nations Lakota tribal rhythms and orchestra motifs composed by Chris Everard. ® © 2022 Chris Everard

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© 2022 Christopher Everard™

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