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Why was the inventor of mRNA vaccines banned by Twitter?

THE CAT - OR SHOULD I SAY THE MOUSE - IS OUT OF THE BAG: After more than a year reading and reviewing the medical literature and giving myself a crash course in CRISPR GENE DRIVE technology, mutant cloned mosquitoes and mRNA vaccines which fool human cells to manufacture abnormal spike proteins, I have made a two-part investigative film which delivers information about Coronavirus and mRNA technology...

Information which has been sneakily ignored - and suppressed - by the mainstream media...

My new film is about the Spike Protein and how it grows on the surface of trillions of human cells following an mRNA jab.

Yes, trillions of human cells are fooled into sprouting spike proteins on their surface by these mRNA jabs.

Many millions of these spike proteins then break off and some make their way to the brain.

On December 16th 2020 the science journal 'NATURE' published a paper which contains confirmed and double-checked experiments which show that spike proteins intravenously injected into mice penetrated the Blood-Brain-Barrier [referred to in the medical jargon as 'BBB']. This peer reviewed scientific article has never once been mentioned in national BBC reports nor programmes about Covid.

Every mRNA jab fools trillions of human cells to manufacture and sprout Coronavirus Spike Proteins onto their surfaces. Previously smooth cells now coagulate or clot.

mRNA technology was known to form clotting problems way back in 2009 according to Pfizer's former vice-president of Respiratory Disease, Doctor Mike Yeadon.

Yes, previously smooth human cells - which evolved over hundreds of thousands of years - are now ABNORMALLY SHAPED. They no longer flow through arteries as per their original design - and this is discussed with electron micrograph images of human cells in another paper published by a doctor in the USA who shows the cells of an mRNA vaccinated person sprouting spike proteins, then ca fibrous mass grows, then the cell wall ruptures, then mysterious deposits appear excreted by some cells, and some cells transform from their original form to a coagulant mass which refuses to flow as per normal through the heart.

My new film explains that this may indeed explain why the heart problems and erratic heartbeat experienced by vaccinated sports stars may be occurring.

I also explain how the Dendritic Immune System cells themselves are also fooled into growing cloned Spike Proteins and thus the body's immune system mis-identifies its own cells and begins and internal war, essentially making the body kill itself at a cellular level. This is known in the medical trade as AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE.

It surfaces in many ways - such as arthritis, hepatitis, diabetes, eczema/psorisis, breathing problems and multiple sclerosis. You can watch my in-depth documentary on the Enigma Channel later this week, along with the entire MEDICAL MAFIA TV series which investigates how the Royal elite financed the NAZI doctors who developed viruses which spread cancer and even invented Chemtrails. The scientific experiments with mice suggest that bodily fluids from an mRNA-vaccinated person, which contain the mutated spike proteins, could possibly pass into the bloodstream of a perfectly healthy unvaccinated person.

The article is FACT-CHECKED and is available online from the NATURE science journal website - and has been since December 16th 2020. The research suggests that there is a probability that some spike proteins will invade the blood-brain barrier and could cause early-onset dementia, brain 'fog' or symptoms such as alzheimers. Meanwhile, and simultaneously, AUTO-IMMUNE diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis and diabetes will develop as a result of the mRNA technology transforming previously normal human cells into abnormal shapes, sprouting spike proteins.

Research papers uncovered by the Enigma Channel show that these Frankenstein cells are causing BLOOD CLOTS...

The mRNA vaccines fool the human body into cloning Coronavirus Spike Proteins which then grow onto the human body’s most important immune system cells - Dendritic cells are responsible for the initiation of adaptive immune responses and hence function as the 'sentinels' of the immune system.  Unfortunately, for the promoters of mRNA technology, 'Frankenstein' cell mutations and even cell rupture has been detected in some studies and have been discussed in a research paper by Doctor Liji Thomas, MD - this has mostly been ignored by the mainstream - BUT NOT ON THE ENIGMA CHANNEL - sit back and watch a new two-part investigation...

We also take a look at a recently published scientific paper by the Salk Institute which proves that the Coronavirus Spike Protein itself is as deadly as the rest of the virus - In the new study, the researchers created a cloned Frankenstein Coronavirus cell encapsulated in its classic crown of spike proteins - but this Frankenstein fake cell did not contain any actual virus. However, exposure to this Frankenstein virus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal - proving that the spike protein alone is enough to cause disease…

And THAT is exactly what some of the mRNA vaccines do - they actually create millions of Frankenstein cloned coronavirus Spike Proteins which dramatically change - and sometimes even rupture - human cells…

Could it be, that today, in 2022, there is a maniac - or a bunch of maniacs - hell bent on killing people by INOCULATING US WITH DISEASES?
Could it be that a modern version of the mass serial killer KURT BLOM is alive today, using SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY and so called vaccines which re-write our DNA?  Kurt Blom was paid by the state to develop viruses which triggered cancer and diseases which would wipe out working class people…
Could it be that this wicked and evil plan is still continuing to this day?

The Bible makes it very clear that there is another species of humanoid which was genetically engineered when the so called SONS OF GOD raped earth women...

They gave birth to the 'Nephilim' who were a strange race of noble kings and queens...
They established a Counterfeit Kingdom on planet earth... Today we call their kingdom the 'DEEP STATE'.

Nefilim' in Hebrew, means literally 'fallen ones.' 

They were called this because they were the sons of the fallen angels. 

Some Hebrew texts call them TITANS - and Titan is the nickname used by Aleister Crowley amongst the initiates of his 'Astra Argentum' secret society...

Start watching the FALLEN ANGELS TV mini-series by subscribing to the ENIGMA CHANNEL - click here It's streaming right now

Lucifer is a fallen angel, and in Jewish & Arabian books of black magic called 'Grimoires', such as Le Dragon Rouge and the Book of the Magi AbraMelin, there are tens of thousands of these demonic fallen angels who live in a spiritual form - but some also walk the earth as physical beings... 

They want to DESTROY THE BIOSPHERE of planet earth, and these demons are described in the Koran and Jewish scripture as being able to trigger disease, lethargy, blindness and even poison crops...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the CULTS which are operating today, in the modern world, which worship the spirits of these demonic FALLEN ANGELS... Fallen Angels is a TV series which penetrates the heart of the Judeo-Babylonian black magic network of Secret Societies... There has never been such an in-depth investigation as this...

Start watching the FALLEN ANGELS TV mini-series by subscribing to the ENIGMA CHANNEL - click here It's streaming right now along with thousands of TV shows and movies.

Start watching the FALLEN ANGELS TV mini-series by subscribing to the ENIGMA CHANNEL - click here It's streaming right now

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