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Why was JFK assassinated?

JFK sat at his desk looking out onto the lawns of the WhiteHouse.

His brother, Bobby, had proclaimed that if he could, he would shatter the CIA into "ten thousand tiny pieces"...

But that was a small problem in comparison to the reports which lay before JFK...

He thumbed through a fat manilla folder stuffed full of UFO SIGHTINGS reported by credible witnesses - one report even came from an astronaut...

Some of the UFOS had displayed malevolent intent.

As far as JFK was concerned, humanity was potentially under threat from UFOS - and so he wrote a memorandum, instigating a whole new SPACE PROGRAM...

This new program would be conducted with the cooperation of RUSSIA - yes, together the USA and Russia would face-down the Alien Threat...

Ten days after JFK wrote this memo, he was assassinated...

The mainstream media blamed Lee Harvey Oswald who had bragged to his friends that he was going to get a well-paid job...  At NASA...

This new film is way more than just about Stanley Kubrick...

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the rumours which say that RICHARD NIXON hired STANLEY KUBRICK to construct a film set which looks like the surface of the moon… 

And that a film was made as part of a U.S. Propaganda initiative, to prove to the American People that NASA had successfully landed the Apollo 11 crew on the surface of the Moon...

Was this part of the terrain at Area51 used to film the lunar missions?


CHRIS EVERARD investigates the internet rumours about Stanley Kubrick filming the Apollo 11 mission - allegedly with the help of Walt Disney animators.

After Stanley Kubrick's initial success with the movie LOLITA, Stanley Kubrick left the United States and set up a new home in England - living as a recluse, absorbed in his work and his family and his home at Childwickbury House, a short drive to the EMI film studios - and indeed not far from other film studios such as MGM, Elstree, Pinewood Studios, Shepperton, Denham Film Studios and Bray Studios…

Stanley Kubrick's re-make of an old German film about an aristocratic sex cult was filmed at a mansion built by the Rothschilds... Allegedly, during the making of this film, Stanley Kubrick confessed as having been involved in the Apollo moon landings - and possibly used the budgets and scenery from his film 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY to fund a life-size model of the lunar surface. 

Suddenly, Stanley Kubrick left the United States - and all of his most famous films - including his Viet Nam war epic FULL METAL JACKET and his film based in NEW YORK starring Tom Cruise called EYES WIDE SHUT - all of these most famous Kubrick movies were made in England. 

Even the famous Hotel in THE SHINING and yes even the Viet Nam war scenes - these were all filmed in England...

KUBRICK ON THE MOON is now streaming on the ENIGMA CHANNEL - it goes deeper and further investigating the Apollo Moon Hoax than any documentary ever made.

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