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Why do we grow old?

Why do we grow older?

The ageing process is deeply embedded inside your DNA. Telomeres inside your chromosome system shorten as we get older causing ageing in our cells. We inherit telomeres from our parents, but no matter the length of our telomeres at birth, everyone's get shorter as they age. 

When telomeres get too short, our cells can no longer reproduce, which causes our tissues to degenerate and eventually die...

Centuries ago, ancient people massaged themselves with a fat taken from Crocodiles. In my book STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA I discover the lost link to how that Crocodile fat was transformed into CARBON C60.

Carbon C60 has been detected in deep space, emanating from the sunlight of distant stars. C60 is a powerful antioxidant, suppressing the processes of peroxidation and free-radical oxidation of mammal cells... Yes, C60 helps to slow down ageing - and it was known about centuries ago...

C60 derived from this crocodile fat became a popular massage oil in the ancient world - and that is just one of many hundreds and hundreds of rare and unusual facts revealed in STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA.

ORDER NOW from GumRoad Books:

ORDER NOW from GumRoad Books:

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA has more than 500 pages and a free two hour documentary film which investigates many fascinating subjects from the ancient world.

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA explains how ancient people used hallucinogenic herbs to expand their consciousness into the COSMOS.

They used fungi to amplify their natural gift of TELEPATHY...

In ritualised group-meditation, around campfires in the wilderness of prehistory, a remarkable event happened which the official history books have conspired to censor...


Price includes a very large physical book weighing nearly a kilo plus 2 x DVDs with a documentary filmed and presented by CHRIS EVERARD at the Great Pyramid in Egypt...

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ORDER NOW from GumRoad Books:

This is a large format book with full index and hundreds of illustrations + 2 x DVDs

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