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Who weaponised Coronavirus?

A new investigative documentary on the Enigma Channel examines scientific papers from 2001, 2003 and 2006 which show how basic Coronavirus was 'Weaponised' and made extra lethal...

We go direct to the SOURCE of the lab-made viruses, and discover epidemiologists who WARNED THE GOVERNMENT many years ago that if one of these weaponized pathogens escaped, it would change human life on planet earth forever...

Today, mandatory Vaccine Passports mean people being forcibly arrested and then held down whilst security 'professionals' lean on your back with their knee, George Floyd-style, whilst another untrained 'professional' jabs a needle in your arm...

...But before this stage of Human Rights abuse, the DEEP STATE are attempting an interim stage before their true tyrannical regime is laid bare for all to see: As of today in France, NORMALITY - yes, what we call the 'FRENCH WAY OF LIFE' has effectively been destroyed...

A Frenchman's day is much the same as my day - I walk or cycle in the morning to get a croissant and coffee from my local bar...

I might have lunch at the local fishing port - and like millions of people, at weekends we usually go out to a restaurant for a treat - a local family restaurant where we can giggle at the bizarre items on the menu and often bump into neighbours who more often than not give us some home-made cider, or wine, or some other delicacy made in their garage or kitchen - and so the daily cycle flows...

UNTIL NOW> That centuries old way of life has effectively been BANNED by a new STEALTH TAX in the form of what the mainstream news media describe as a 'Vaccine Passport'.

Two great new films for you to enjoy today - WEAPONIZED CORONAVIRUS and COSMIC TOP SECRET Part Two - both now streaming

This 'vaccine passport' hides a new DEEP STATE ECONOMY of jabs and Covid 'TESTS'.

Everyone knows small family bistros, pubs, cinemas & shops are the 'ENEMY' of the DEEP STATE. 

New EU Vaccine Passports effectively put the threat of bankruptcy on 50m small family businesses. 

250,000 French people protested yesterday this new law - but the NEW WORLD ORDER censored footage of these mass rallies...

100 MILLION CHILDREN had cancer cells from monkeys injected into their bodies in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.  More children got sick from the Polio Vaccine than the virus itself in the wild. The Enigma Channel is the only TV network which shows that these cancer cells have been passed on genetically to the children and grandchildren of the vaccine victims.

If you follow this new 'Vaccine Passport' law - then each visit to your local bistro will cost at least £20 extra - a charge for a 'TEST'. 

This means that a family of eight people, will have to fork out £160 in 'tests' just to sit together in their local bar and have a beer, or to sit at a table at their local restaurant - even though everyone may have never ever even seen or knew anyone who had Coronavirus and that the entire family is completely healthy.

Yes, this new law means that from today, someone will have to pay around £20 for a NEGATIVE TEST in order to simply walk into a French cinema, bar or restaurant. That £20 is a COVID TAX. In fact, this new 'COVID TEST ECONOMY' has already generated 40 million x £20 in the last year alone in France.

A PATENT from GOOGLE PATENTS - registered long before there was a pandemic of Coronavirus.

This is a permanent law, supposedly for a 'temporary' pandemic.

There does not seem to be any timing-out on this new law - which has been designed to be a permanent fixture of French Life FOREVER - regardless of whether Covid is present in the population or not.


It shows neo-fascist 'economists' at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM smugly saying in German accents that 'Normal life for everyone has now finished - we can never return back to normal life'...

Of course, the real conspiracy which the mainstream media ignore is that Coronavirus, and even the Spanish Influenza virus have all been re-engineered, made even more deadly and WEAPONIZED at labs which received funding from a wide range of governments and profiteering organisations. 

Weaponized viruses are called 'PPP' viruses - and, according to epidemiologist, Marc Lipsitch, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the EU superstate and the UK government have been secretly funding synthetic biological creation of super-powerful versions of the Coronavirus for TWENTY YEARS...

In 2005, epidemiologist, Marc Lipsitch, admitted that even the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu virus has been weaponised and newly re-engineered at genome labs which received funding from very dubious characters - such as JEFFREY EPSTEIN...

And that is just the start of WEAPONIZED CORONAVIRUS - a new investigative documentary which goes directly to the SOURCE, reviewing scientific papers which prove that Coronavirus was weaponized - and that Fauci supported the creation of new, extra lethal forms of well known killer viruses.

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