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Who was the UMBRELLA MAN?

JFK - America’s most loved president...


JFK was a celebrity, a father, a son, a brother, a man who liked women, married to one of the most iconic fashion figures of the 1960s… JFK was universally loved by the people - but universally hated by the DEEP STATE.

JFK and his brother wanted to smash the C.I.A. into "ten thousand tiny pieces"... 

JFK did not know that CIA, FBI & Justice Department bosses were on the payroll of the Israeli KOSHER NOSTRA...

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Chris Everard  presents 6K high resolution images of the Zapruder film. It clearly shows a vapour trail of a bullet. That vapour trail DOES NOT match the direction nor trajectory of the bullets fired by LEE HARVEY OSWALD..

WHAT DO THE NEWLY RELEASED FBI DOCUMENTS ABOUT JFK TELL US? Well, it is now becoming increasingly obvious that Lyndon B Johnson orchestrated and funded the assassination of John F Kennedy using two groups of Jewish gangsters who actually pulled the triggers.

There was more than just one gunman. In this report we show you the vapour trails of at least one bullet coming from the grassy knoll.

There were two assassination squads. The pictorial evidence proves it. The so called MAGIC BULLET theory in the official Warren Commission report which claims that a single bullet wounded governor Connolly, and then entered and re-entered the body of JFK, then only to be conveniently found on a stretcher at a hospital is totally bogus.

Claims on the internet by amateur conspiracy theorists who say JFK was shot by his driver are also incorrect.

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