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Who really controls the United States ?

Who really controls the United States ?

Is it the People?

Or Washington DC multimillionaires whose salaries are paid by Microsoft, Google and a bunch of other corporations?

Is it Hillary Clinton and her email server?

Is it JOHN KERRY who is a member of the SKULL & BONES quasi-masonic fraternity?

Washington DC is NOT part of the United States.

The laws of the United States do not govern the politicians on Capitol Hill.

The Founding Fathers built a private citadel called the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA using slaves.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION peels back nearly three centuries of Occultism, Freemasonry, Satanism and bare-faced crookery in Washington DC.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION decodes the SECRET AGENDA of the Founding Fathers, and takes you from 1776 right up to the January 6th rally with President Trump.

In this film I will show you that Benjamin Franklin was a perverted serial killer who spied on fellow Founding Fathers for the British Crown.

Free from the laws which govern the rest of the United States, many masonic covens, Bavarian Illuminati lodges and Satanists have taken seats in government.

For more than 250 years, they have over-taxed and defrauded American families.

The original plan to have Government For the People By the People was hijacked…

Until the election of President Donald Trump in 2016.

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