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Where did Hitler learn about Eugenics?

Who inspired Hitler to kill millions of people in the quest to create a ‘master-race’?

It's a good question - and one which the mainstream media never ask...

In CHRIS EVERARD's book MEET THE HITLERS we discover that Hitler was inspired and encouraged by evil & racist doctors in the USA...

Some of whom had received funding from Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefellers.

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In fact, Hitler wrote an enthusiastic letter to an American racist scientist way before the Nazi era. The scientist was developing GAS CHAMBERS which would be installed in towns across the USA. Ugly people deemed to be of ‘inferior’ race would be publicly murdered in these gas chambers. 

This idea was paraded as a ‘science’ called 'Eugenics' - and it enthralled and inspired Hitler fifteen years before he came to power.

Research into these ‘Eugenics’ gas chambers in the USA was funded by the ANDREW CARNEGIE foundation - the world’s richest man - and some of the scientists at the head of the eugenics movement in the USA were jewish. 

In 2009, journalist Yotam Feldman wrote in the Israel newspaper HAARETZ that in 1944, jewish psychiatrist Kurt Levinstein gave a lecture at a Tel Aviv conference, where he advocated preventing people with various mental and neurological disorders - such as alcoholism, manic depression and epilepsy - from bringing children into the world. 

The means he proposed were IDENTICAL to the policies of the Third Reich; prohibition of marriage, contraception, abortion and sterilization. 

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