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What will happen when the whole world gets high?

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON has spent nearly ONE THOUSAND WEEKS in the Billboard charts - that's almost 20 years - the average chart-life of an album is less than 10 weeks!

Pink Floyd, The Beatles and many pioneers of the Lysergic-Cannabis revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s are featured in our PSYCHEDELIC REVOLUTION film.

It's more than just about the great music... It's a JOURNEY - which has brought Buddha-like contemplative pleasure to hundreds of millions of people...

When JOHN LENNON walked into the Indica Bookstore in London and picked up a book and read the words "Turn off your mind, relax, float downstream..." 

It was the beginning of a massive PSYCHEDELIC REVOLUTION which sent ripples around the world, marking the end of the old clockwork, industrial, mechanical era and entering a new phase of free-thought and miniaturisation...

John Lennon's TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS triggered a massive LSD revolution...

Our WEIRD SHOW TV series investigates how one of the first high profile victims of LSD poisoning was SYD BARRETT of Pink Floyd... And we go into Abbey Road studios to see how TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS was recorded.

John Lennon had not discovered anything 'new' when he took LSD. CHRIS EVERARD takes you to NAXOS in Greece where priests at the Temple of Demeter drank LSD potions every dawn for a staggering two thousand years!

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