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What the mainstream media don't tell you about Saddam Hussein

The French government supplied Saddam Hussein with TWO nuclear reactors - he named them 'ISIS' and 'OSIRIS'…

What the mainstream media also don't tell you is that ISRAEL sent fighter jets to Iraq and BOMBED THOSE REACTORS…

It could have created the world's greatest nuclear catastrophe...

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...But what the mainstream media - and YouTube, for that matter - never mention is that ISRAEL WAS BUILDING A SUPER BOMB - a nuclear device so powerful it would wipe most of the Middle East off the map…

... And that SuperBomb was designed by the American boss of Aleister Crowley's cult - a man who founded JET PROPULSION LABS on Halloween and who baptised himself as 'ARMILUSS' - the Hebrew equivalent of the AntiChrist as written in ancient Judeo Scripture... 


Every British child has been assigned a number. 

Just like NAZI Germany. 

Every person forced BY LAW to wear a mask - with a $5000 dollar fine in Germany if you do not wear a mask…

The NAZI era also compelled millions of people to wear masks. 

78 years ago, it was invisible gas which was the reason men, women, children and even babies had to wear masks…

78 years later - TODAY - Nazism is back. 

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