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What is The PRISONER TV series really about?

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SATANIC INNUENDO in Obama's speeches, the BAPHOMET HORNED HAND SIGN on glossy magazine covers, DRONE BOMBING children and labelling them as 'terrorists', WHITE PHOSPHOROUS ATTACKS on unarmed civilians - these are just a few of the hallmarks of the Obama Administration which triggered disgust and rebellion in the Islamic world...

THE ILLUMINATI Volume IV has been extended and remastered - it traces a century of BLACK MAGIC influence inside the WhiteHouse... WATCH IT NOW - it's streaming exclusively on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL...

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Brain washing, Psychedelic drugs, MI6, MK-Ultra, rigged elections, space aliens covertly steering world events from behind the scenes...

CHRIS EVERARD decodes Patrick McGoohan's PRISONER TV SERIES and reveals who 'NUMBER ONE' really is... WATCH IT NOW - it's streaming exclusively on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL...

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