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Welcome to the pizza-munching satanists of Washington

She took her own menstrual blood and mixed it with semen - from which man, no one knows - some say it is the semen of Marilyn Manson… To make the mixture stronger, it was diluted according to homeopathic laws, it was then bottled and sold to thousands of teenage girls. This is her perfume. This is her fragrance. This is Lady Gaga’s latest product called ‘MONSTER’…

YouTube demonetised and the mainstream media banned the evidence. You need to make a decision: Do you want to waste the rest of your life searching for self-censored wobbly video clips on YouTube, or do you want to go to the next level and watch the Enigma Channel?

On the Enigma Channel, we go way deeper into the so called P!zz@ga†e scandal than anyone before. We investigate Lady Gaga’s mentor, Marina Abramovic, who describes her SPIRIT COOKING as a way to ‘communicate with spirits’ - according to her theory, blood attracts spirits - she also published a blog saying she was continuing the work of ALEISTER CROWLEY - however - after being exposed as being friends with the Podesta brothers and the P!zz@ga†e allegations, Marina Abramovic went onto BBC WOMAN’S HOUR and claimed that she was NOT a satanist - this was AFTER she closed her Tweeting account ‘MARINA666’ and AFTER pictures of her with Lady Gaga at a party with an effigy of a corpse floating in red liquid and a man seemingly being lynched were leaked in the media…

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Welcome to the pizza-munching Satanists of Washington. Welcome to a new season of in-depth documentaries on the ENIGMA CHANNEL - far deeper, far more detailed than anything you’ll find on YouTube - in fact, P!zz@ga†e is banned from YouTube - as are so many other subjects… We go beyond those subjects - way beyond...

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