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Hello, my name is CHRIS EVERARD and I set-up the ENIGMA CHANNEL 20 years ago to broadcast in-depth films about subjects which the mainstream censor...

Well, many thousands of you have been with us for more than 10 years - some subscribers have been with us from the start!

I'm sending you this message to say THANK YOU. We have been filming at museums, castles, laboratories and many other fascinating ancient sites.

Our autumn season starts this week. It is packed with in-depth, late-night documentaries and TV series...

We're kicking off this week with a new episode in our MEDICAL MAFIA TV series investigating how a Big Pharma company made a HITLIST of doctors which they wanted to 'neutralise' because the doctors knew a certain pain killer triggered heart attacks...

This same corporation is now working on a Covid vaccine!

We have teamed with the easy one-click GUMROAD secure payment system and many of you have opted to our GumRoad system because it is easier and quicker than the old clunky system we used to have.

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We are also improving our VIEWING PAGE, with an easy at-a-glance way to choose from our massive archive of TV shows and films...

Subscribing to the Enigma Channel gives you access to many exclusive films and TV shows. You can binge watch documentaries investigating Archaeology, Astrology, Kabbalah, Egyptology, Sex Magick, Cults, UFOs, Annunaki, Alchemy… 

Go on virtual expeditions charting the global network of Secret Societies… Binge watch entire TV series filmed all over the world...

Plus you can enjoy remastered 2020 versions of Chris Everard’s films SECRET SPACE and the entire ILLUMINATI film series featuring Jordan Maxwell and David Icke…

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A whole YEAR costs just $30. Every penny is ploughed into making 1000% professional documentaries, TV shows & movies. 


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