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We take our cameras inside AREA 51

An airport runway with a circular parking area is nothing unusual - but at AREA51 there are runways which are only 20 feet long - which is hardly enough for a model airplane... 

The ENIGMA CHANNEL team take you on the most in-depth guide to the bizarre and curious hangars and facilities at the world's most secret base...

But that's just the start of our documentary film investigating AREA51 using Soviet Russian spy plane photos... 

What we show you is that AREA51 is a vast area, stretching into mountain ranges - and in amongst those barren mountains are aircraft runways and squadrons of black helicopters - there are no buildings and the runway is nestled deep within a mountainous ravine - why?

AREA51 is also an UNDERGROUND FACILITY - and we show you for the first time satellite photos of air conditioning ducts and possible entrances. 

But there is more - much more... 

There are GHOST VILLAGES at AREA51 of prairie-styled timber houses and log cabins WHICH HAVE BEEN BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS and there are also large areas of mountainside land which have had the top 6 inches of soil scraped and removed on an industrial scale...

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