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UK police drop investigation into the Royals

Just as we predicted in our LOLITA ISLAND TV series, the British police have dropped their investigation into allegations surrounding Prince Andrew - which is pretty amazing - considering our TV series features a Royal garden party where the two guests of honour are Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein!

The mainstream news coverage has deliberately forgotten one very important factor:  That for the last 300 years, Royals have been IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION - and that to arrest a Royal, or seize their goods, is, in itself, a 'crime'!

This immunity from prosecution has allowed some members of Royal households around the world to commit the most heinous of crimes.

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THE ILLUMINATI Vol.4 is produced & directed by CHRIS EVERARD. This film covers 1500 years of satanic cults - from the Templars and Palestinian grimoires of black magic right up to the Obama administration being run from behind the scenes by JOHN KERRY who is a member of the infamous SKULL & BONES and Kerry has just been appointed to serve JOE BIDEN at the WhiteHouse!

ILLUMINATI Vol.4 is the first film to reveal that Queen Elizabeth 1st commissioned a MANIFESTO for world domination from Dr JOHN DEE...

Dee's manifesto was dictated by spirits in the “Enochian” language - apparently this is the language of the FALLEN ANGELS - it divides the Earth into regions ruled over by DEMONS...

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...Amazingly, the Elizabethan royal court took Dr John Dee’s manifesto as a groundplan to create a GLOBAL BRITISH EMPIRE - during 450 years, we see that this Empire encompassed Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, African Nations & Britain. 

The richest nations have become wealthy by ASSET-STRIPPING India and Africa in the 18th & 19th centuries. Find out more in the feature length motion picture documentary ILLUMINATI (Vol4): The Brotherhood of the Beast. This is no conspiracy theory - it all really happened.

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