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UFOs, NASA and the Nazis

This is the sequel to Chris Everard's book DARK PLANET...

When Nazi rocket scientists arrived in the USA, they brought with them an astonishing amount of finished and unfinished V2 and A4 rockets - and a plane unlike anything had ever been seen on American soil - the GOTHA- HORTEN FLYING WING.

Even just standing on the ground the thing looked futuristically evil...  Chris Everard's DEEP STATE book tells you the FACTS about UFOs, Nazis, NASA and Stealth Bombers 50 years before you even knew they existed...

Welcome to the DEEP STATE... The NAZI DEEP STATE... The NAZI craft now on American soil were packed with advanced materials too, including Radar absorbent material (RAM); the designer, Nazi Reimar Horten said he mixed charcoal dust in with the wood glue on the wings to absorb electromagnetic waves (radar), which he believed could shield the aircraft from detection by British early-warning ground-based radar that operated at 20 to 30 MHz, with a wavelength of 10 to 15m (top end of the HF band), known as Chain Home.

Just like the GOTHA AIRSHIP BOMBERS, the massive Zeppelin-Staaken E-4/20 was a revolutionary bomber - financed by the British Prince Coburg, who went to Eton and was Queen Victoria’s favourite grandson. It was a four-engine all-metal monoplane designed in 1917 by Adolf Rohrbach and completed in 1919 at the Zeppelin-Staaken works outside Berlin, Germany. The E-4/20 was the first four-engine, all-metal stressed skin heavier- than-air airplane ever built. It was built for one reason: to kill British people.

  • The British Royals built their own air force at a town in Germany where they owned trillions of dollars worth of land. They built an air force of bombers by taxing the British people... Then flew these planes over British people and bombed them...

You see dear Reader, when the STEALTH B2 BOMBER was finally announced to the public, it had already been in service, bombing the shit out of countries which the Royal Elite have been invading and colonising for decades… 

And that’s just the start of Chris Everard’s DEEP STATE book…

“Chris Everard has brought new evidence to light!”

~ Veterans Today

“When I watched SECRET SPACE [directed by Chris Everard], I could feel the ripples of public approval for the information the film brought to light. Very well put together film.”

~ Jim Marrs

“Chris Everard is a really great researcher”

~ Anthony J. Hilder

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