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Twenty five years of the Enigma Channel

Next year, the Enigma Channel will celebrate TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of making documentaries - we were making films for exclusive streaming on the internet SEVEN YEARS BEFORE YOUTUBE started and are the first online documentary channel...

I would like to say thank you to all the Enigma Channel subscribers. We are making a new season of TV shows and films, and also updating our server network around the world.

Thank you for all your great messages of support and your great reviews over the years.

My ILLUMINATI and SECRET SPACE film series triggered a vast global audience - by the end of 2011, clips of my films had been watched by TWO BILLION PEOPLE! 

Now, ten years later, the audience is not just sitting at home anymore watching my films - many people have been inspired to engage in a grassroots political force, with 'People Power' political parties such as the Yellow Vests, the Northern League, the 5-Star Movement and several others actually taking political power from the Old Guard...

However, CENSORSHIP has reared its ugly head...

Globally, a 'Cancel Culture' has developed...

But NOT on the Enigma Channel...

The Enigma Channel was launched SEVEN YEARS before YouTube and you can still watch the original un-cut versions of my films plus new volumes of my film series ILLUMINATI, SECRET SPACE and SPIRITWORLD...

The ENIGMA CHANNEL now has the world's biggest archive of rare and unseen documentary films and movies...

The ENIGMA CHANNEL travels the world, producing in-depth films, which are totally uncensored - unlike the clickbait clips on YouTube.

For example, watch our epic mini-series GODS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD - and you will discover a vast ocean of thousands of hours of professionally made documentary films which are way ahead of YouTube.


THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BAPHOMET is a global network of billionaires, Hollywood stars and Black Magicians. 

CHRIS EVERARD digs deeper into their global network than any other film... 

This full length broadcast will be streamed starting today exclusively on the ENIGMA CHANNEL, as part of our GODS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD TV series...

Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30. 

Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30. Click here to get set-up

NO SET-TOP BOX REQUIRED - WATCH IN ANY COUNTRY ON ANY DEVICE. Our new season of Documentaries & Films go way beyond anything you’ll ever find on YouTube or Netflix. Our new streaming service is just $5 per month or $30 for a whole year.

Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30. Click here to get set-up

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A whole year membership is $30

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