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Thousands of UFOS invading Earth filmed by NASA

Upscaled, clear footage direct from NASA...

Yes, thousands of UFOS all in one clip.

Some of these UFOS are just hovering in the atmosphere...  

Some are zooming at 20,000MPH out of the atmosphere...  

Some are zooming down towards the ground.


COSMIC TOP SECRET has the best, clearest footage of UFOS ever seen on film.

COSMIC TOP SECRET proves that there is a WAR IN SPACE.

This war has been going on for DECADES.

No wonder President Trump started SPACE FORCE as soon as he had access to the Pentagon UFO files.

COSMIC TOP SECRET is an in-depth film which features excellent photographs of UFOS in CROP CIRCLES by British author COLIN ANDREWS.

Colin has collected a brilliant archive of ecellent Crop Circle and related UFO data.

Colin invented the term 'Crop Circle'.


What is in this alien CHEMTRAIL?

And - come to think of it…


Are the super poisonous LIZARD EGGS bred in the SFU satellite being used as a NEUROTOXIN CHEMTRAIL WEAPON?
And if so - is it being used as a weapon against ALIENS or as a weapon against the people?

EITHER WAY YOU LOOK AT IT - if this turns into a CHEMTRAIL WAR with neurotoxins and aliens - there is likely to be thousands of people and animals poisoned and killed by the chemtrail fallout.

Part Two of COSMIC TOP SECRET starts streaming this week - do not miss it!

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