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This is why members of the royal family live to 100 years old

Every Born Again Christian is chomping at the bit to tell you that Christ is the man who was risen from the dead and would live forever. He is immortal. And he can never die. Well, dear reader, as you can imagine from this type of book, I immediately set my sights on investigating the body chemistry of this bloke called Joshua, or ‘Jesus’. Was he tripping on something that made him live to a ripe old age just like Henry Kissinger and the Jewish royal family at Buckingham Palace?

My research led me down the path of Activated Charcoal and the diet of Neanderthal man. Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor. Fuller published more than 30 books, coining or popularizing terms such as "Spaceship Earth", ‘ephemeralization’, and ‘synergetic’. He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs based around a dome or sphere which became known as ‘Buckminster Domes’.

Now, about 20 years ago, a version of Carbon - which is a molecule shaped like a spherical soccer ball - was discovered called C60. It can be found in small quantities in soot - such as you find on smoked and flame-grilled fats and meats.In trials where rats and mice were given a diet of C60-infused olive oil, they outlived their neighbours by a factor of 3 to 1. In fact, the long-lived rats were eventually murdered due to funding cuts - and may have lived much longer. The average age of a rat is about 2 years - the C60 rats lived for six years - which suggests that a person who anointed themselves with C60-infused oils and fats, like we see with crocodile fat, may in fact be able to live as long as Henry Kissinger, or the Duke of Edinburgh - which is almost a whole century!

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C60 Fullerenes seem to cancel out ‘free radicals’ that are cited as causing cancer in living cells. C60 is most probably where the legend of the ‘Elixir of Life’ came from. Scientific analysis of the ageing process has revealed that we get old because the Telomeres in our cells get progressively shorter every time a cell divides or renews itself - and this shortening causes ageing. C60 apparently combats this - though the hastily slung together New Age hoaxers flogging C60 to wide-eyed rainbow hippies who want to live forever craftily dodge any scientific explanation as to how C60 ‘repairs’ these Telomeres. Whatever the process, it is clear that C60 has a remarkable effect and grounds the ageing process to a halt.

So, in other words, crocodile fat, charcoal grilled, rich in soot containing C60 ‘BuckyBalls’ explains why Jesus Christ was meant to ‘live forever’.

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C60 Fullerenes increase enzyme activity and also seem to ward off ill effects of viruses. Considering that viruses are responsible for the extermination of literally quadrillions of animals and mankind - and probably also responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs - this is no inconsequential discovery. C60 is the Holy Grail. C60 Fullerenes are claimed to have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties too. 

No wonder then that the word ‘Christ’ (Greek Χριστός, Christos, "the anointed one") is a literal translation of "mashiach" used in the Greek Septuagint version of the Bible, and derived from the Greek verb χριω = "rub, anoint with scented unguents or oil, as was done after bathing”.

This, dear reader, is the root of ‘Messiah’ and ‘Christ’ as names of the ‘Son of God’. Yes, char-grilled crocodilele fat, smelted into a sooty, C60-rich anointing oil was and is the secret to immortality. 

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