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The world's most secretive cult

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Chris Everard presents a new TV series investigating the world's most secretive cult. 

It's part of a massive number of documentary films investigating Jack the Ripper, the ILLUMINATI and many other cults.

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Chris Everard investigates the global network of Cannibals - and discovers yet more evidence which corroborates the allegations of the Hampstead whistleblower kids.   

The two little children at the centre of the Hampstead cult allegations spent a lot of their time explaining to incredulous police officers that SKULLS and CANNIBALISM was a major hobby amongst the cult which they claim includes teachers, police, social workers, priests and many others.

If you have never heard of ritual cannibalism, then the first thing I have to tell you is that in the leafy and quiet suburbs, way back in the 1930s, Aleister Crowley entertained various members of the occult aristocracy and championed an extreme form of 'yoga' which is practiced in India by the AGHORI tribe. The Aghori are also written up in a book by one of Crowley's successors who claims that;

"Eating human flesh and excrement, drinking human blood and always having a meal served in the skull of a person whose corpse has been ransacked on a funeral pyre is a necessary path to losing all of one's inhibitions and following a trail into the 'nightside' of Eden'"

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You see, ritualised cannibalism has been a pastime for cults in India, Egypt, France, Denmark and many other nations since the dawn of history. Drinking human blood was accurately described by the Hampstead whistleblower children - they even described it as tasting of 'metal' - which it does...

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