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The world's most evil scientist - news update by Chris Everard

A NAZI WAR CRIMINAL, a man called KURT BLOME [whose name is forbidden on the mainstream media], is the 'godfather' of CHEMTRAILS...

He is  also the godfather of a virus which triggers CANCER. 

KURT BLOME is the MOST EVIL SCIENTIST of the modern era - he not only developed a CANCER VIRUS, but also engineered BEUBONIC PLAGUE which would be CHEMTRAILED from planes.

I have been making the SECRET SPACE series of investigative documentaries try films since 2005. Watch SECRET SPACE Vol. IV now.

Was KURT BLOME put on trial? NOPE. 

He was given a posh house and a big fat pay check by Big Pharma corporation MERCK in the USA!!!

If you're wondering why mainstream TV documentaries are so lame, just asking questions and giving no real answers - maybe it's because they don't want you to find out the truth about KURT BLOME...

Much of KURT BLOME's laboratory notes and research ended up in the university archives of Pennsylvannia. 

It was at medical faculties of the university that JONAS SALK developed his 'POLIO VACCINE' which actually contained a CANCER VIRUS - almost identical in operation and effect to Kurt Blome's original pathogen.

A staggering 100 MILLION children were injected with this cancer virus...

The mainstream media have never once mentioned it...

My Realty TV Series 'LOLITA ISLAND' is not just about Princes, Pimps and Pedophiles - it's also about a sick global plan to re-engineer the HUMAN GENOME...

Right now, today, there are millions of people walking around who carry this CANCER VIRUS which is being passed onto their children.

This Cancer Virus attacks the DNA of humans - and it was injected into a staggering 100 MILLION people decades ago when they were vaccinated for POLIO…

Almost just as impossible to believe - the mainstream media, google, facebook, the BBC and YouTubers - have ganged-up on victims of poisoned vaccines and are actively CENSORING and DELETING video clips and posts from parents and victims who warn us that they contracted cancer, autism or brain damage from a vaccine…

The MEDICAL MAFIA have been systematically killing hundreds of millions of people for decades.

All the proof is in my film from A to Z...

'SCAMDEMIC' is about Vaccines, Covid & Cancer... The three things are more interconnected than most people think. Most of the subjects which I cover in my films are shadow-banned or outright censored on the mainstream media and youtube. 

I believe it’s the first film to fully cover how 100m people were injected with a virus which causes cancer. No cancer charity nor any laboratory are rushing to find an antidote for this cancer virus. Why? 

It is the first and only film to show a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY to poison millions of people. Watch it now - along with thousands of hard-to-find and banned films.

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