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The U.S. government fired ATOMIC BOMBS into outer space

The famous TELSTAR satellite and SPUTNIK were blown to smithereens in 1962, along with the British AERIAL satellite and five other satellites... 


Well, the official story is that in 1962, the US government decided to launch EIGHTEEN ROCKETS loaded with NUCLEAR WARHEADS and just explode them in low-earth orbit, around 240 miles out in space...

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This book is not just about atom bombs... It's about ALIENS...

Yes, a secret WAR IN SPACE began with a series of atomic bombs which were exploded 240 miles from the surface of the earth. All of planet earth’s early fleet of communication satellites were destroyed - effectively putting the ‘space age’ temporarily on hold. 

The British satellite Ariel 1 and the United States satellites, Traac, Transit 4B, Injun 1 and the historic Telstar 1 and the Soviet satellite Cosmos V were all damaged by a massive EMP pulse from this series of atomic blasts - the radiation fused particles in the upper atmosphere triggering Norwegian-style Northern Lights - over Australia!

THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES gives you page after page after page of chilling FACTS about the maniacal plans of Oppenheimer, Edward Teller and a man who would later found JET PROPULSION LABS - a man who baptised himself as the ARMILUSS - the Jewish version of the Christian ANTICHRIST - yes - this man was in charge of billions of dollars of tax payers money at JPL and NASA!

Why? Why did the US government launch multiple atomic bombs and rockets which had radiation sensors and cameras on board?

The answer is found in a 1947 letter, written by none other than Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. This TOP SECRET six page letter was for the eyes of the President of the United States - and his eyes only. It is the first document to refer to ‘biological extraterrestrial entities’ [EBE’s] and states that the presence of UFOs is something accepted by Einstein, Oppenheimer and the Pentagon... 

Einstein wrote to the WhiteHouse just weeks before the ROSWELL CRASH informing the President that "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities lived on the surface of the MOON! YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR BOOK TODAY - click here to see 5-star reviews and to order

These catastrophic explosions in space created RADIATION BELTS around planet earth which lasted for YEARS... This was directly the result of the letter written by EINSTEIN & OPPENHEIMER...

Still to this day, the letter is KEPT SECRET - no mention of the letter appears in Wiki pages about Einstein... When I posted information about it on FakeBook, my account was paralysed for 3 days!

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