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The true history of Jesus


The most respected and oldest of Rabbis died in 2006 - he was claimed to be 118 years old. 

He hand-crafted amulets using ancient symbols of angels and demons to bring healing to people with illnesses and constantly prayed for Jewish people. 

Top celebrities asked for his blessing. 

He was Israel’s top Rabbi...

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The ancient Judeo-Babylonian theology says that Jesus was an IMPOSTER and that his soul is boiling in excrement in hell forever. 

However, one year before he died, Israel’s top Rabbi, a Kabbalist and world famous authority on Jewish Mysticism, claimed that he had ‘met’ with Jesus! 

This old Rabbi's statement sent a shockwave through the Israeli political and religious establishments.

You see, the Messiah is FORBIDDEN in modern Israeli politics, religion and society.

History shows that EVIDENCE of Jesus & EVIDENCE of the disciples has been systematically destroyed by generations of Rabbis and the Roman Empire - which then became the 'Holy' Roman Empire after re-writing and re-inventing Jesus...

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Right now, today, Christians are persecuted in Gaza and expelled from their houses. 

The character which has been created - now known as 'Jesus Christ' - is ridiculed in TV commercials. 

People selling Bibles in the streets of Israel which contain the New Testament are frog-marched away. 

The notion of Jesus being the Messiah is plainly censored from Judaism... But wait...

How embarrassing then that the Messiah, or 'Mashiach', is the subject of a dying Rabbi's note which is the last ever thing written by Israel’s top Rabbi...

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The dying Rabbi's note was sealed to be opened one year after Rabbi Kaduri’s death. 

Kaduri’s note said that he expected the Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah, to arrive soon, and that he had met him a year earlier when the written note was transcribed by Rabbi Kaduri. 

The note was opened by his followers and was found to read, "ירים העם ויוכיח שדברו ותורתו עומדים" (translated as "he will raise the people and confirm that his word and law are standing"), which by acronym, contains the name "Yehoshua”, or Joshua which is the Hebrew name 'JESUS'. 

Such acrostics are a well recognised phenomenon in the Tanakh - in fact all of Judaism’s great ancient scriptures use the first and last letters of sentences to add extra hidden meanings. 

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