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The temple of Mayan lizard kings

Did you ever get that feeling during boring school history lessons that they were somehow MISSING OUT STUFF???

Did you know that a Knight of the Realm aristocrat excavated a temple in ancient Mexico and deciphered murals which tell of a REPTILIAN-HUMANOID humanoid being crowned as king of the Mayans...?

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We go deep under the Pyramid of the Lizard Kings...

Mayan cosmology tells a history which is very close to the Pyramid Texts of ancient Egypt which tell of a sacred mound of earth which emerged after the flood had been sent by god almighty in an attempt to kill the Fallen Angels.

At Sodom and the land of Canannan, satanic cannibal cults worshipped the Fallen Angels.

They were expelled and went on a rampage across Europe, eventually settling in the South Pacific islands.

ITZAMNA is another Mayan god who shape shifts between a human and a bird of prey humanoid - exactly like we see in the depiction of the Anunaki in ancient Iraq.

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Birds evolved from and have the DNA of reptilians.

Both Itzamna and Quetzlcoatl are associated with legends of them knowing how to manipulate DNA to create humans and weird creatures.

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Unfortunately many Mayanologists generally do not study the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, and so do not realise that the Mayan legends, the Pyramid Texts and the ancient Slavic and Ethiopian Books of Henok all tell similar histories and all have gods who can shape-shift.

Sir John Eric Sidney Thompson was a leading Mayanologist who correctly interpreted the name Itzamna as "lizard house”… 'it' from Itzama is a root denoting sperm, semen and also sorcery - in other words, Itzamna comes from the LIZARD HOUSE OF SORCERY which uses magic - or technology, as we would call it today - to create humans and other creatures. 

This is an exact parallel of the history of the Anunnaki, who also had scaley reptilian or amphibian skin and also manipulated genetics.

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