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The Templars and their secret god

The HEAD of JOHN THE BAPTIST sits inside a padlocked chamber in a cathedral built by the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR which features an INVERTED PENTAGRAM in its stained glass window... John the Baptist's head has been placed inside a gilded circular 'EFOD' plate which has its roots in Jewish mysticism - an EFOD is usually a breastplate with jewels - it is used like a Ouija board to divine messages from spirits.  Learn all about it in the Enigma Channel's HERITAGE TV series... Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30. Click here to get set-up

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the Knights Templar in a new TV series on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL...

The Templars summoned a demon through a pickled human head which they kept in a silver box... 

When the Templars were eventually burned as witches, the inquisition discovered the Templars called this head - or the demon which spoke through it - 'BAPHOMET'...

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The Vatican financed Templar invasions of Palestine and Lebanon, rampaging and pillaging, searching for Arabian-Jewish BLACK MAGIC TEXTS which would enable the Templars to bring about the KINGDOM OF SATAN and the ANTICHRIST upon planet earth...

The Templars built gothic cathedrals all over Europe - but they are not dedicated to Christ - they are festooned with GARGOYLES - statues of demonic beings which can be summoned using books of black magic which the Templars discovered in ancient Israel...

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