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The secret to becoming filthy super rich

The secret to becoming super filthy rich is quite simple - you NEVER PAY A PENNY IN TAX…

If ordinary people paid no tax THEN EVERYONE WOULD BE RICH! 

Throughout your life you pay between £1m and £2m in taxes - tax on petrol, tax on food, tax on electricity, tax on gas, tax on your wages - and of course, if you manage to save up and buy anything - you’ll pay sales tax - which is actually paying a tax on money which has already been taxed… When you die, you pay tax for your coffin and even pay tax on the hole they put you in…

Epstein, Weinstein, Gates & the royal family's global empire of TAX HAVEN islands are investigated in our new CONSPIRACY FILES TV Special... Epstein proposed a TRILLION DOLLAR FOUNDATION with BILL GATES to develop EXPERIMENTAL VACCINES mixing the DNA of plants with CANCER...!

If you don’t pay tax then that £1m or £2m which the government steal could be used building a house which you could leave to your children and within just three generations - none of your grandchildren would have to go to work - they could sit at home, in their free houses earning money from renting out other houses which your children also built from their tax free incomes…

AND THAT is what we call 'THE ARISTOCRACY'...

The only TV network to have the balls to investigate the CHILDREN OF NAZIS who now run the EUROPEAN UNION superstate - We investigate Mr JEAN CLAUDE JUNCKER who opened the doors to tax deals known as BELGIAN WAFFLES, DUTCH SANDWICHES and IRISH CREAMS…

The aristocracy do not pay tax - they set up fake companies in TAX HAVENS and funnel all their earnings and expenses through these tax havens - and that includes the QUEEN OF ENGLAND who was exposed in the PARADISE PAPERS as sheltering her stake in two British corporations…

  • Many famous corporations now have billions in the bank - and those billions should actually be spent on paying taxes to keep the fabric of society running - but for many years now, these super-rich corporations have been getting richer and richer - whilst the thumbscrews have been put on ordinary working class people.

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Epstein even had his own office on Harvard campus! For the first time on film, you can see how BILL GATES & JEFFREY EPSTEIN worked hand-in-hand funding 'medical' research projects related to dangerous viruses... Epstein was heavily involved in CRISPR GENE DRIVE technology which can RE-WRITE YOUR DNA and cause FRANKENSTEIN MUTATIONS.

We also expose how in the 20 years leading to the CORONA VIRUS scam, British hospitals were DEMOLISHED by aristocrats such as Boris Johnson - leaving working class people in jeopardy WITH NO MEDICAL PROVISION even though they pay MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAX throughout their lives.

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