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The secret Life-force energy

No one knows exactly how ancient the Maori people of New Zealand are… 

No one knows exactly how ancient the people of Rapa Nui are… 

 ...All over Polynesia, the ancient languages, symbols, signs and magical ritual have been killed-off by generations of SLAVE TRADING…

The slave traders who destroyed paradise are for the first time on film EXPOSED and investigated by CHRIS EVERARD.

So many TV shows about Easter Island have been made - but how come not a single one of all these TV shows tells you that the Easter Islanders were ENSLAVED and worked TO DEATH in a CONCENTRATION CAMP run by a JEWISH MERCHANT?

Along with the royal-aristocracy of Europe - the BALFOUR ANGLO-JEWISH cartel in London  are singularly responsible for the systematic killing of Easter Islanders…

There are two pieces of evidence - hushed-up by the mainstream media which suggest that the civilisation of New Zealand, Easter Island and Polynesia are so ancient that they date back to a time when most of the continents and land masses of planet Earth were joined together… Or at least when the land mass of what we call New Zealand today was somehow closer, or even connected to the land mass which today we call Europe…

The first evidence of a very very ancient culture is found on Easter Island. Here we see very tall statues - some are 9 metres tall - which have been intricately carved all over - but curiously only the head and shoulders stick out of the ground… History books tell us that the Easter Islanders deliberately buried these statues… 

But archaeological evidence collected by Manchester University shows that these statues may have become naturally buried as soil layers accumulated over thousands of years… Easter Island was at one time covered in lush forest - and if the statues were naturally and gradually covered by leaf matter and fresh soil - then this would date the Easter Island statues to about 4,450BC - that’s 5,000 years older than the official dating…!

Another curious piece of evidence is that the gods worshipped by the Maori people of New Zealand are identical to the FAIRIES of IRELAND!

The PAKI-HAKI-HA are supernatural beings in Māori mythology . The PAKI-HAKI-HA live in the forest - indeed they are in some cases the spirits of some trees and plants and even rocks… 

They are pale-skinned with blonde or red-hair and have perfectly white bodies with no tattoo markings - unlike the traditional Maori chiefs who are usually tattooed all over. In fact tattoo ink in the ancient world was made from crushing medicinal plants - the tattoos of the ancient ICE MAN mummy found in the Italian Alps show that his tattoos were medicinal - like a form of acupuncture, the ICE MAN’s tattoos were on the lines of life force energy which ancient Chinese medicine calls CHI.

This soft-spoken Kentucky farmer invented wireless radio broadcasting and even telephones which needed no wires….


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There are no national memorials, no statues, no Nobel Prize, no TV shows or Hollywood movies about this farmer from Kentucky.

He has been airbrushed from history by crooks in Wall Street who still block his name from appearing in Google search listings.

You see, he was way more than just a farmer.


He invented batteries which today can light up the world for free and let us all communicate for free.

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Especially how to broadcast FREE ELECTRICITY using no wires at all...

And how to turn the planet into a giant RADIO TRANSMITTER! 

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This is the untold history of the USA...

Benjamin Franklin - who was born in 1705 most probably inspired Frederik Ruysch to create a whole new art form - a genetic art form - using real human babies, and the heads of Mexican and African slaves which were displayed in ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ for the members of the French and German masonic witch covens who would later create - and control on behalf of the British Crown - a new fake country called the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’.

It is a scientifically proven fact that Benjamin Franklin drilled and sawed trapdoors into human skulls at his house in Craven Street London. It was Franklin who inspired Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch.

Ruysch created sick and evil pieces of ‘art’ called ‘dioramas’ made from human body parts he harvested from babies, slaves and working class people.

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