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The seal of Solomon

King Solomon’s temple was built on blueprints which Solomon had defined using a form of Ouija board...

The famous Jacob Hogers painting of King Solomon reveals the king performing a ritual to summon one of the Goetic Spirits - known as JINN in Arabic texts on magic. Usually part-human and part-animal, these demons often hold snakes in their hands or even have serpents as feet. One of the most common demon-spirits in the pantheon of the GOETIA is a Goat-Man, who represents PAN and BAPHOMET.  According to General Albert Pike, a Luciferian form of this Baphomet-Goat-Man is the 'true god of freemasonry'.

King Solomon had summoned Jinn demons and bonded them into his service by tricking the Jinn demon-genies into sleeping inside a brass vessel which had a spout and stopper. We know this today as the legend of the 'Genie in the Lamp'...

Those demons were attracted into Solomon's brass vessel using a special symbol, known as a SIGIL, which is today called the SEAL OF SOLOMON and is the flag of Israel...

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