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The real tomb raiders

New discoveries in Egypt, Israel, Spain and Syria are explored by CHRIS EVERARD in a new episode of the HERITAGE TV SERIES

This is the true untold story of how hundreds of billions of dollars worth of ancient artefacts have ended up in European and American museums and earned those institutions millions - whilst leaving the people of the countries where these artefacts come from destitute…

This is the true story of the world’s richest multi-billionaire TOMB RAIDERS…

HERITAGE - REAL TOMB RAIDERS goes deep underground in Egypt and Israel.

Napoleon Bonaparte was not French - he came from Italian Corsica - but nonetheless he became the Emperor of the French Empire and quickly headed to Egypt - because here, in the vast desert either side of the Nile, there were thousands of ancient artefacts - and these were being bought for peanuts from local people and then sold at huge profit in Paris and London…

Napoleon joined the ancient Egyptian gold rush - this triggered even more Tomb Raiding and within 30 years of Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt no less than 13 entire Egyptian temples had been dismantled, loaded onto steam ships and now stand in the world’s greatest and richest museums - attracting millions of tourists who spend money in the museum gift shops and cafes and museum bookstores and restaurants…

GO WAY BEYOND THE ANUNNAKI - Now streaming a 'Research' edition of the HERITAGE TV series which compares the gods of ancient Mesopotamia to the gods of the Pharaohs - we discover that many of the gods were Amphibian-Humanoids

The Louvre in Paris and other museums sell exact cloned replicas of many of these famous artefacts - and in nearly every case, these artefacts have been stolen or surreptitiously smuggled out of their home countries.

Not a cent from the tourist trade, nor the re-sale value of any Egyptian antiquities has ever been given to the Egyptian people…

But the trade was not just about artefacts - human corpses which had been mummified were being purchased by their thousands already by the 13th and 14th centuries.

CHRIS EVERARD follows up his own research which suggests that the DJED PILLAR is actually a VOLTAIC PILE BATTERY

In fact, in Arabia, mummified corpses, which had been embalmed in honey, were sold as a medicine.  The Elizabethans also ate and drank mummies, which were shipped in from Syria - in fact, the clothes you see King Henry the Eight wearing are all Syrian clothes - made in Damascus. They shipped in their clothes - and the congealed blood from real Egyptian mummies - but that is just the start of our investigation into the HERITAGE of MANKIND…

Our new one and a half hour HERITAGE TV SPECIAL “THE REAL TOMB RAIDERS” is streaming now.

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DID YOU KNOW a Djed Pillar and Egyptian statuettes had been discovered in Mexico?

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