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The real Dracula

During the nineteenth century, the writings of ancient Mesopotamia were discovered and translated. They revealed a universe inhabited by a legion of 'Annunaki' gods and demons… And creatures who drink HUMAN BLOOD…

The vampires in ancient Mesopotamian mythology were the seven evil spirits who know no mercy… one incantation presently owned by the British Crown reads [in cuneiform]

“… these [vampires] rage against mankind; They spill mankind’s blood like rain, Devouring their flesh (and) sucking their veins”.

Now - get this - these seven vampire spirits may actually be the negative emanation of the seven creator gods - who were amphibian-humanoids, represented as walking humanoid fish… All over Arabia and Africa, pre-Islamic cultures worshipped DAGON… But Dagon was not alone - the Annunaki legends say that these Dagon amphibian/fish humanoids were created by reptilian-humanoids.

They all had one thing in common:


In a new multi-part film series on the Enigma Channel, CHRIS EVERARD investigates the INDUSTRIALIZATION of human blood, which is now being sold to rich people and celebrities - some of whom are drinking each others blood.

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