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The Psychedelic Conspiracy

BERLIN, October 1930:  Black magician Aleister Crowley, dines with Aldous Huxley, who was the author of Brave New World.

Crowley was in Berlin for a reason. He had been hired as a spy by British Naval Intelligence.  Crowley shared the same line of command as the NAZI Prince Philip.

Just eleven years had passed since the First World War - and now the Germanic-Anglo psychopathic princes were back again, clicking their heels and planning a new wave of devastation.

But that October night in 1930, when Crowley sat down at the “Münchner Hofbräu”, face to face with Aldous Huxley and the writer J. W. N. Sullivan (a friend of Albert Einstein), their discussion was not how to make war - but about PSYCHEDELIC CACTUS CULTS...

You see, amongst psychedelic substances, Peyote has a unique characteristic - it was actually WORSHIPPED AS A GOD.

It was the beginning of an amazing era in human history - on one hand, Crowley used hallucinogens to dupe and con his disciples and to 'hot-wire' his megalomaniac ego to the dark realms of Satanism... 

Whilst on the other hand, Aldous Huxley, who was a disciple of the Hare Krishnas, saw LSD and hallucinogens as a doorway to a psychic landscape which could possibly lead to 'freedom' for entrenched old-fashioned thinking... 

Whatever the case, until the publication of Chris Everard's STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA, the real roots of the 'SUMMER OF LOVE' which flourished 35 years after their meeting have never been put in print...

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