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The opium wars

Mesopotamia was an OPIUM economy - And, the principle Sun God of the Anunnaki beings was an OPIUM GOD…

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He was called ANU, and is shown dancing and happy with OPIUM POPPIES…

Ancient temples in Mesopotamia were constructed for psychics - called oracles - to first make psychic contact with beings in other dimensions - and in other parts of the universe - using hallucinogens such as opioids and magic mushrooms

Opium was used like a psychic TIME MACHINE by psychics in Mesopotamia - they remotely viewed the beginning of life on earth using their THIRD EYE - known as the EYE of RA by the Pharaohs…


CHRIS EVERARD takes a look at FIVE THOUSAND YEARS of OPIUM WARS… His investigation reveals truths about Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and the DEEP STATE'S so called 'WAR ON DRUGS'...

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