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The New World Order is here for everyone to see

Report from CHRIS EVERARD:

The rigging of the 2020 U.S. Election has been planned a long, long time.

For months, Joke Biden has leveraged the Coronavirus scamdemic, trying to make it more serious than it is… 

This led to some voters being told by anonymous texts to STAY AT HOME on voting day…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg...

oops! Oh, would you just look at that - the man who the mainstream media are trying to kid you won the 2020 election is best buddies with a member of the KKK....  CHRIS EVERARD’S film ‘HOW TO RIG AN ELECTION’ shows you the inside lives of the Democrats and their links to Ku Klux Klan, Satanist covens and P!zza@gate.

In October 2020 Nearly 50,000 voters received incorrect absentee ballots in the county that is home to Ohio’s capital and largest city. One in five voters received a wrong ballot. Some ballots had an incorrect congressional race with candidate/parties erroneously listed or switched.

This tactic was used in Britain in 2014 during the SCOTTISH REFERENDUM.

However, when President Trump tweeted about the 50,000 Ohio ballot papers, the mainstream media ran stories that claimed that President Trump had ’NO EVIDENCE’ to state that incorrect ballots had been mailed. 

The BBC website claims that Trump has ‘no evidence’ about ballot paper errors or potential fraud at all - clearly that is not the case. 

Also - let’s not forget that ‘good’ votes can be binned without public oversight - a staggering 750,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in 2016. When President Trump claimed that ‘bundles’ can be misplaced and mis-accounted in favour of a candidate, the BBC again criticised him - but as we all saw on live British TV, bundles of YES votes in the Scottish Independence Referendum were put in the NO pile on LIVE TV in Clackmanishire.

Just remember - more than 80 voting machines in Detroit, Michigan 'malfunctioned' during the 2016 US election and the ‘failures’ always credited Hillary with the votes.

So… The big question here is: Are Twitter and FakeBook right to label President Trump’s tweets as "misleading”? 

Clearly NOT - there have been voting discrepancies in previous US elections. So why are President Trump’s tweets so hard to believe amongst the boardroom members of Twitter and FakeBook?

Facebook and Twitter both flagged posts from President Donald Trump that were posted Monday night for "misleading" and "disputed” info. 

That was their SUICIDE NOTES. If you want to standby and watch the monopolies commission go to town and break-up the Silicone Valley monopolies, then get your popcorn now... The 2020 election is not just about who'll be president - it is now a tug-o-war between Trump's WhiteHouse and the Silicone Valley tax dodgers.

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Back in May 2020 TWITTER added fact-check labels on two of Trump’s recent tweets that shared “misleading information” about voting by mail - that has probably cost them $50bn in back taxes… If Trump wins.

For the Silicone Valley Social Media Barons, they have burned all their bridges with the WhiteHouse - it’s all or nothing for them now - can they nanny and censor a president without landing themselves with collectively around $600bn a year in dodged back-taxes - or will they actually proactively conjoin in some kind of ‘media storm’ which whitewashes the Vote Rigging which has definitely taken place?

Conservative critics argue that by ‘fact-check labeling president Trump, Twitter is limiting freedom of speech - and that, my friends, is illegal.

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