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A bakelite phone rang, there was no polite ‘hello’ - the line crackled, caused by radioactive radical muons and other as-yet-uncategorised fission particles streaming at light speed through the concrete bunker-laboratory;

“If the temperature of a detonation was high enough, Mr Oppenheimer, nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere would fuse, releasing energy. Ignition of atmospheric nitrogen might cause hydrogen in the oceans to fuse….” 

Robert Oppenheimer sucked on his pipe and twiddled his Hindu meditation beads, “You mean ‘explode’, not just ‘fuse’?” [silent pause] 

“Yes, sir, that’s what I mean - it could trigger a chain reaction which would boil the oceans and evaporate the entire atmosphere of planet earth”… 

Oppenheimer fidgeted with the slide rule which had been a gift from Einstein, “What, er, what… Can you tell me, er, is the equivalent force of the explosion in terms of tons of TNT?”



“Well, Sir, um… The explosive power - would be equivalent to 15 million tons of TNT”…

Oppenheimer picked up the bronze statue of KALI, the Hindu god of destruction, and said “Do it!”.

This was the start of a series of highly destructive atomic explosions, climaxing in July 1962, when Oppenheimer’s team executed “Starfish Prime” - a hydrogen bomb explosion 240 miles into the atmosphere that was 100 times stronger than Hiroshima and created an artificial ‘Northern Lights’ aurora 4,000 miles away over Australia.

Oppenheimer knew EXACTLY what he was doing. 

By the time StarFish Prime exploded, he had already realised that ALIENS - yes, aliens - were attracted to planet earth by these potentially catastrophic atomic bombs. 

In fact, in June of 1947, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled “Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies”. It was for the eyes of the President of the United States - and his eyes only. 

This six-page document is one of the first to refer to ‘biological extraterrestrial entities’ [EBE’s] and states that the presence of UFOs is something accepted by the military for a long time. It has never been investigated on mainstream media - but is central to the research in CHRIS EVERARD’s digital book THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES - if you enjoyed Chris Everard’s book ‘DEEP STATE’, then it is essential you read THE REAL DOCTOR STRANGELOVES.

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