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The medical mafia - exposed


The mainstream media have dedicated billions of hours of Air Time to the 'pandemic' - but essential 'news' and information is deliberately missing - such as:

1. Which vaccine is most likely to cause blood clots?
2. Which HERBS and HOME REMEDIES are effective at stopping a viral infection
3. How do you KILL THE VIRUS on home worktops and surfaces?
4. What is the most infectious CLIMATE for Coronavirus - Summer or Winter?

BLUE CRAB BLOOD was trumpeted by the media as being the best COAGULANT - meaning it turns blood thicker - like a BLOOD CLOT...  Instantaneously, after being featured in an Enigma Channel MEDICAL MAFIA TV program, the 'miracle cure' of blue crab blood was dropped from the mainstream media lies.

The reason the DEEP STATE never mention these topics is because THEY DON'T WANT AN INFORMED PUBLIC...

I've seen some silly people in my time - but none so stupid to believe a Computer Salesman is now a world authority on VACCINES.

I served the Saint John's Ambulance crew at my school - which means I have better medical qualifications than Bill Gates.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus is the least of our worries - our Medical Mafia TV series investigates how 100m working class kids were injected with a hereditary CANCER VIRUS which is causing cancers to this day - but, of course, the mainstream media say nothing about it.

It’s almost impossible to believe - but is unfortunately true - right now, today, there are millions of people walking around who carry a CANCER VIRUS which will be passed onto their children.

This Cancer Virus attacks the DNA of humans - and it was injected into a staggering 100 MILLION people decades ago when they were vaccinated…

Almost just as impossible to believe - the mainstream media have ganged-up on victims of poisoned vaccines and are actively CENSORING and DELETING video clips and posts from parents and victims who warn us that they contracted cancer, autism or brain damage from a vaccine…

SCAMDEMIC exposes the MEDICAL MAFIA - watch it now - log-in and click our NEW TV SHOWS category to start watching this in-depth film directed by CHRIS EVERARD

Many drugs made by many different drug companies have caused millions of side-effects and deaths… Many of the drugs have the same effect - they turn people into crazy zombies and make people want to KILL…

But some of the firms developing the Coronavirus vaccine have a chequered and horrific past - some drug companies actually helped to fund the Nazis, some actually made cocaine-like drugs for Hitler… Some drug corporations even engineered bubonic plague… And many of those wartime Nazi drug companies are still around today - and they are involved in developing the new mandatory COVID VACCINE…  

Why did the Prime Minister of Thailand suddenly REFUSED his Covid jab? How is it possible that VietNam - which shares a border with China - has not had a single death from Coronavirus? It's all investigated and explained in GLOBAL RESET - we go inside the Covid Conspiracy

If you live in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Norway or Iceland, then it is likely that your beaches have been CONTAMINATED with RADIOACTIVITY - and the mainstream media say nothing about it. Watch our TWO HOUR TV SPECIAL "The Scottish Fukushima" to find out what nuclear horrors have been kept from our TV screens.

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the WITCHES at the top of international banking, royalty and commerce - we kick off with Episode One investigating the KNIGHTS OF THE GARTER - Britain’s most senior royal witch coven - and also take a look at the Vatican and the SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA....

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