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The man who transformed planet earth into a battery

Texans have been given $17,000 ELECTRICITY BILLS for just ONE MONTH of electric...

That's in a state with GIGAWATTS of SOLAR POWER...

At the same time as Texans were defrauded for their electricity, people in Britain were given a shocking 115% rise in the cost of their electric...

CHRIS EVERARD goes in search of new HYDRO-CELLS which convert water into electricity...

He discovers they were invented MORE THAN 100 YEARS AGO...

But the inventor died alone, starving in a Kentucky shack.

You could place his machine in a hole in the ground and it would make electricity from plain dirt.

But then - his major breakthrough was when he ramped up voltages so high that the electricity transformed into RADIO WAVES.

This soft-spoken Kentucky farmer invented wireless radio broadcasting and even telephones which needed no wires….



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There are no national memorials, no statues, no Nobel Prize, no TV shows or Hollywood movies about this farmer from Kentucky.

He has been airbrushed from history by crooks in Wall Street who still block his name from appearing in Google search listings.

You see, he was way more than just a farmer.


He invented batteries which today can light up the world for free and let us all communicate for free.

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Especially how to broadcast FREE ELECTRICITY using no wires at all...

And how to turn the planet into a giant RADIO TRANSMITTER! 

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This is the untold history of the USA...

Benjamin Franklin - who was born in 1705 most probably inspired Frederik Ruysch to create a whole new art form - a genetic art form - using real human babies, and the heads of Mexican and African slaves which were displayed in ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ for the members of the French and German masonic witch covens who would later create - and control on behalf of the British Crown - a new fake country called the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’.

It is a scientifically proven fact that Benjamin Franklin drilled and sawed trapdoors into human skulls at his house in Craven Street London. It was Franklin who inspired Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch.

Ruysch created sick and evil pieces of ‘art’ called ‘dioramas’ made from human body parts he harvested from babies, slaves and working class people.

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