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The Lost Cross of Jesus

CHRIS EVERARD walks into a 1,100 year-old church, gets taken to the basement... And finds a CRUCIFIX from ancient Palestine... 

Round the corner from the church is a hexagonal baptistry which is 1,870 years old... A sacred site for the Romans who decided to convert to Christianity... 

Is this the actual crucifix Jesus was nailed to? Found amongst junk in a basement?

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Our ANCIENT WORLDS TV series travels to the Vatican, France, Germany and Palestine showing how the original cult of Christianity has been hijacked by a Judeo-Satanic mainstream media campaign...   

CHRIS EVERARD discovers not only an ancient Crucifix, but also the actual NAILS which could have possibly been used…

A fifteenth century tapestry shows the nails used to crucify Jesus are SQUARE - exactly like the nails Chris Everard finds amongst junk in the basement of an ancient, empty church…

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