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The Knights of Satan

The Knights Templar summoned a demon through a pickled human head which they kept in a silver box...

The Vatican financed Templar invasions of Palestine and Lebanon, rampaging and pillaging, searching for Arabian-Jewish BLACK MAGIC TEXTS... 

These Grimoire books of black magic would enable the Templars to bring about the KINGDOM OF SATAN and the ANTICHRIST upon planet earth...

The Templars built  gothic cathedrals all over Europe - but they are not dedicated to Christ - they are festooned with GARGOYLES - statues of demonic beings which can be summoned using books of black magic which the Templars discovered in ancient Israel...

The Vatican placed statues of the BLACK MADONNA in these cathedrals - but she is NOT Madonna - the mother of Christ at all - and that BLACK JESUS baby on her lap... He is not Jesus...

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Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30

Watch it now. A whole year subscription is just $30

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