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The Illuminati are ready for the eclipse - are you?

As many Enigma Channel viewers know, I have made many historical documentary films investigating ancient cultures such as the Mayans and Pharaohs. My book STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA has astronomy and astrology at the heart of its research into mankind’s relationship with the Spirit World...

The Illuminati use astrology as a tool to make their weapons stronger. They use sacrifice and the reading of animal entrails - like Alexander the Great - to foretell the most auspicious day to launch their battles.

Directing or deflecting the immense astrological influence of a SOLAR ECLIPSE is one of the highest secrets of the Illuminati global network of secret societies who serve the royal DEEP STATE.

I am deep into the production of a new film series which will show you and your family how to interpret and use the celestial, cosmic forces so that you can survive the New World Order...

Alexander the Great sacrificed five bulls at dawn every day and employed an army of soothsayers to help him plan his battles by reading the entrails. He crowned himself a Pharaoh of Egypt... And he seduced entire nations with OPIUM. Watch the Enigma Channel's INDIA AND THE PHARAOHS TV Specials - they are streaming right now - sign-up and become a member of our global audience of documentary film-lovers - click here 

The Deep State have armies of astrologers and much of the Covid19 propaganda is published on days when there are astronomical conjunctions. 

One such important conjunction started on December 21st 2020 and it seems to portent a massive battle between the Deep State’s corrupt practices and a growing number of people awakening to conspiracies and secrets at the highest levels.

The June 10th 2021 Solar Eclipse may indeed either be the END of a tyrannical phase, or - if people lay down and allow it to happen - it may herald the return of a new cyber-Nazism.

The Enigma Channel is more than just a TV network - we showcase the policies and investigate corporations & politicians who violate Human Rights.

During this astronomical alignment of Jupiter, the planet of wealth, with Saturn, the planet of witchery and satanism, expect to see the velvet steamroller of TYRANNY crank up quite a few notches.

Jupiter is the planet of Nature, of blooming growth, abundance and fertility. Jupiter represents the Universal Law - the unseen mechanics of growth, blooming, pollination and the Divine Law of Creation.

Then you have Saturn which represents the public, the masses, the people. Saturn represents the mob who decide to stage REBELLION. Saturn is also the planet of hidden things, of secrets, of truths untold and hidden. Saturn is the planet of conspiracies. Saturn can be an omen showing you that something treasured has been LOST… Like, in the case of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21st 2020 the loss of your FREEDOM in Covid19 Lockdowns.


Astrologically, we are living in an era where the collision between the family values and divine laws of harmony governed by Jupiter, are being somehow fractured and challenged by the rebellious elements that are represented by Saturn. You could say that it is manifested as the battle between TRUMP and FAKEBOOK.

The cosmic forces unleashed by a solar eclipse last for weeks, or even years.

Right now, there are at least 100m people shocked to see that the basic Human Rights law of FREEDOM OF SPEECH being violated by Big-Tech.

This new eclipse, so close to the Solstice, will require members of the public to stand their ground and to speak up for their human rights. 

If you do not - and continue to allow yourself and your family to be bullied and taxed by the New World Order, then the Eclipse might herald a new era of Nazi-Gestapo like tyranny, not too different from the future predicted by George Orwell.

Is an asteroid impact [either real or staged] the next weapon the Illuminati have up their sleeves? APOPHIS is just one of several space threats.

CHRIS EVERARD takes you on a whirlwind tour of the SOUTH PACIFIC - to islands where inexplicably, both the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles have been made chiefs of tribes of cannibals...

But do these tribal people realise who - EXACTLY - the Royals are?

Do these First Nations people, who honour the Royals, actually understand that it is their family who triggered millions of murders with the division of India and Pakistan, who rounded-up and shot countless Hindus, who inflicted GENOCIDE on the First Nations people of Canada and the USA, and who enslaved countless tribes in Africa...? 

Well, these tribes KNOW NOW - now that the Enigma Channel have sent them our latest TV Special: 'NAZI GOD: King of the Cannibals'...

Click our NEW TV SHOWS category and scroll all the way to the bottom of the listed TV shows to watch our latest film.

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BLACK LIVES MATTER? Exploitation of African & Caribbean people has been going on for 450 years - watch our investigation expose how SLAVERY made the ARISTOCRACY rich.

The aristocracy do not pay tax - they set up fake companies in TAX HAVENS and funnel all their earnings and expenses through these tax havens - and that includes the QUEEN OF ENGLAND who was exposed in the PANAMA PAPERS as sheltering her stake in two British corporations…

Many famous corporations now have billions in the bank - and those billions should actually be spent on paying taxes to keep the fabric of society running - but for many years now, these super-rich corporations have been getting richer and richer - whilst the thumbscrews have been put on ordinary working class people.

But that's just the start of CHRIS EVERARD'S investigation...

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Most of the so called Commonwealth nations were actually SLAVE DEPOTS, providing wealth for the ancestors of people like former British prime minister DAVID CAMERON...

And of course, nearly everyone in these Commonwealth nations were SLAVES - mostly farming OPIUM and Sugar for the super-wealthy illuminati families back in London.

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SECRET STATE exposes the digital data harvesting and A.I. used by the DEEP STATE... 

CHRIS EVERARD takes a look at the data revealed by ED SNOWDEN and JULIAN ASANGE, and analyses how politicians plotted to stop the public from knowing the DEEP STATE are violating PRIVACY LAWS…

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