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The Holy Hallucinogenic Spirit

The Holy Hallucinogenic Spirit...

Wide-eyed, ecstatic, speeding, feeling sexually and intellectually primed, their nostrils filled with the intoxicating aromas of incense, their eyes seeing the etheric, quivering, plasma-like glow and lattice work of the aura over all faces, bodies and objects... 

Welcome to Qumran. The world’s first tripped-out desert hippy community. Oh yes, two thousand years before Burning Man, people with whispy beards, wearing hats shaped like inverted mushrooms floated in stone vats of densely salted water. They studied the night sky. They were the original Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers... 

Gabbling and murmuring incoherent apocalyptic visions, these hippies not only tripped the light fantastic, but they also wrote it all down.

...Their sacred anointing oil simmered above hundreds of candles - they called themselves the Sons of Dawn... 

They all had 'visions' in a psychic landscape made of pure expanded consciousness... Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls... Welcome to the actual desert community whose most famous member is today known as JESUS...

These desert hippies wrote a set of ancient texts which the VATICAN have been trying to suppress since their discovery 75 years ago.

Those texts are the DEAD SEA SCROLLS which are filled with references to hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms and incense.

“Stone Age Psychedelia is a remarkable book”

~ Lionel Fanthorpe, presenter of ForteanTV, Channel4 television UK

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