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The 'genocide syndrome'

Vaccines given to 100m children back in the 1960s contained a virus which triggers cancer...

That is not a 'conspiracy theory' - that is FACT.

The so called 'SV40' virus is passed on to your children and their children.

Molecules of SV40 are commonly found in childhood cancers today - and those molecules contain the DNA from the vaccines issued back in the 1960s...

But that is just the start...

Every newly developed drug or vaccine always has an element of risk. That is why extensive trials are performed.

Mass contamination of a stock of a popular drug is secretly referred to as 'genocide syndrome' - and refers to a massive delayed reaction to a certain drug which is used daily by millions of people...

Right now, twelve European governments have BANNED some of the most popular Coronavirus vaccines.

Vaccine injuries have been triggered - and many involve the formation of blood clots...

However, if you suffer a vaccine injury, then secret new laws in many countries, introduced during the Coronavirus pandemic, RESTRICT YOU FROM SEEKING COMPENSATION.

In our film SCAMDEMIC, and our TV series MEDICAL MAFIA, we investigate where vaccine technology came from, and the NAZI plan to 'WEAPONIZE CANCER'...

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In Britain, special leaflets written to convince a child that it is ok to have SWABS supplied by the government inserted into the child’s throat have been posted through millions of letterboxes along with a letter from an organisation called IPSOS MORI…


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