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The Big Lie

'OVERPOPULATION' is a huge LIE. It is being spread to justify intensive farming and to justify the ever-growing spectre of the public being sold UNLABELLED GENETICALLY ENGINEERED meats and vegetables and fruits.

OVERPOPULATION is also being used to justify mass sterilisation programs in Africa and India.

Human population growth has already collapsed in many regions due to FAMINE which has NOT been caused by CLIMATE CHANGE - but has been caused by European and American corporations funding programs which have built dams, flooded tribal farming lands and also made profits by shipping rain forest timber to processing factories in Asia and selling it as so called ‘SUSTAINABLE’ garden furniture.

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Chris Everard's film THE CARBON CONSPIRACY explains how we are heading towards POPULATION COLLAPSE within the next 95 years - there will not be enough young people to run the economy because humans have been poisoned with drugs and plasticides that cause miscarriages and infertility.

INTENSIVE FARMING is being justified by the mainstream media to hide many LAND GRAB scams run by nuclear corporations, banks and even diamond traders - they supposedly have many ‘ecological projects’ but in fact these projects have even started to destroy land in Europe and Britain…

Intensive farming is poisoning the soil and poisoning more than 50% of Britain’s rivers…

Meanwhile, in INDIA, diamond traders in Israel have done a deal where 215,000 trees in India are felled to make way for a diamond mine…

Meanwhile, in Cumbria, nuclear plants have dumped thousands of kilos of heavy toxic and radioactive particles into the Irish sea - you can see our investigation by watching our documentary THE SCOTTISH FUKUSHIMA

By and large the mainstream media have lied - and blamed all this ecological destruction on so called ‘illegal’ loggers, and ‘illegal’ diamond miners and so called ‘illegal’ gold diggers - the truth is this - all gold, all diamonds, and all timber from the destroyed rain forests are purchased by huge corporations - and much of the rain forest gold and diamonds ends up in the vaults of European banks - some of whom have funded NAZISM and Terrorism…

Many aristocrats, who formed these banks back in the industrial revolution, have been members of secret societies, members of freemasonry and members of witch covens who worship Satan…  We call this global network of occultists THE ILLUMINATI - and it is they who employ a global army of fake journalists, fake news TV channels and yes, even FAKE ECOLOGISTS who hide the real reason why the planet is being killed…

You see, the rain forests are not burning on their own - they are being deliberately burned - and FRACKING by corporations such as the one who paid Joe Biden’s son millions of dollars - has released vast amounts of flammable methane gas into the atmosphere and into the top soil.

FRACKING causes earthquakes and poisons tap water reservoirs.

This pair are telling you to pay a new crippling CARBON TAX which will be added to every item you purchase and will be syphoned directly out of your pay check...

Supposedly, the trillions of dollars raised with the CARBON TAX will heal SIXTY YEARS of RAIN FOREST DESTRUCTION...

Of course, that's a lie...

Ecological 'projects' and charities have mostly been stealing your donations and looking the other way when tens of millions of acres of rain forest have been transformed into garden furniture and matches.

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THE ENIGMA CHANNEL have conducted a year-long investigation and discovered that most CO2 pollution has been created by VOLCANOES and CORPORATIONS...

Not only that - but TRILLIONS OF BALLS OF PLASTIC have choked sea life - but no one is arresting the bosses of toothpaste and shampoo corporations who deliberately put trillions of micro balls of plastic into our oceans...

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