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The Annunaki and Fallen Angels of the Kabbalah

HISTORY is wrong.

Our historical books are full of translation errors and racism.

The people who wrote our history books were not studying the Ancient World - they were destroying it.

They destroyed the people, their homes, their monuments and destroyed their MAGIC…

Watch our new TV Special:  NAZI GOD: KING OF THE CANNIBALS. Now streaming.

The ENIGMA CHANNEL’s ANCIENT WORLDS SEASON takes you deep into the worlds of gods and the world of the supernatural…

Because if you don’t understand magic - you cannot understand the Ancient World.

Our ancestors carved statues of their gods and ancestors and then held ceremonies attracting the spirit to live inside these statues…

The Vatican and the British Crown ransacked Polynesia and Africa, displacing the great gods from their homelands - many statues were burned and people were forced to believe in Catholicism. 

Where did the Pharaohnic dynasty come from? Chris Everard investigates in our INDIA AND THE PHARAOHS TV specials.

Our SECRETS OF THE PHARAOHS episodes prove that in the ancient world static electricity was produced using amber resin, voltaic batteries, chemical batteries, spark generators, clockwork mechanisms, steam-powered engines and even concrete which was used to mould the statues of ancient Egypt.

The ENIGMA CHANNEL is not censored in any way whatsoever, and therefore presents a deeper, better researched range of documentary films than any other channel.

Scientists who have been studying the Voynich manuscript claim that they have been unable to decipher a single word and unable to identify a single plant from this mysterious manuscript. 

However, on the Enigma Channel, for the first time ever in the history of Voynich research, we reveal that some of the illustrations are MICROSCOPIC IMAGES of what are known as TRICHOMES...

These are crystals which appear on the leaves of many plants - through a microscope they look like a stalk ending in a spherical ball - and the plant which is most famous for having millions of these TRICHOME CRYSTAL STALKS is CANNABIS…

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