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The ancient art of eating hashish

If you don’t understand telepathic communion with spirits, then you cannot understand magic… And if you don’t understand magic, then it is impossible to understand ancient Egypt… 

But - there is another key - an all-important missing piece of information which you’ll never see in any mainstream TV show about the Pharaohs - and that is that these kings and queens - and the gods they worshipped - were tripping on opium, mushrooms, high on hashish and drinking wine steeped in powerful narcotic plants…  

The ENIGMA CHANNEL goes way deeper than anything you'll ever stumble upon on YouTube - in our new SPIRITWORLD film, CHRIS EVERARD reveals the constant psychedelic-telepathic state which the richest people in the ancient world existed in...

The Pharaohs were kings of an empire which included Lebanon, where they ate HASHISH as a daily 'medicine'

Yes, the ENIGMA CHANNEL tells you the truth about ancient kings & queens like no other TV channel - they were not only smoking OPIUM, but we present irrefutable evidence that tobacco & cocaine from the Americas were being used by the Pharaohs thousands of years before Colombus supposedly discovered America…

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SPIRITWORLD is a series of films which explores the entire ancient world - including the amazing Megalithic sites - so old that now some of the megaliths are UNDER WATER.

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The god Osiris is properly - for the first time on film - decoded by CHRIS EVERARD, along with many other ancient symbols of Egypt… The common themes in most Egyptian steles are HALLUCINOGENS, TELEPATHY & MAGIC… 

Where have you seen that on another TV documentary? Never, right…? 

But the Pharaohs were not using these psychedelic plants just for partying - no - they were using mandrake, narcotic aquatic plants, ergot fungus from wheat [which is the base ingredient of LSD] and, of course, hashish & opium… 

They used these plants to trigger visions of the SPIRIT WORLD… What TV channel has hours and hours of in-depth documentaries explaining how plants made the pharaohs telepathic? Only one channel. The ENIGMA CHANNEL… 


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