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Ten thousand aliens species living in our galaxy

NASA's own Professor FRANK DRAKE says there is a likelihood that 10,000 space-faring extraterrestrial civilisations are LIVING IN OUR OWN GALAXY...

...Right now...
...And the likelihood is that they are sending PROBES to monitor us...

Watch hours and hours of UNCUT video-enhanced footage of REAL UFOS. Now streaming on the Enigma Channel.

12,000 year old evidence of UFOs & Crop Circles, NASA astronauts discussing UFOs and EGYPTIAN ARTEFACTS discovered in Mexico... 

SECRET SCIENCE is a vast in-depth film series, covering more than a century of space exploration and going back to prehistoric times to bring you messages from our ancestors about aliens.

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If you want to see HD FOOTAGE of UFOS flying at 3,000MPH in broad daylight over StoneHenge - then you must watch this new film by CHRIS EVERARD.

...We're not talking about just one, or two UFOs in a single frame of blurred footage - this new documentary shows DOZENS of UFOs all filmed in broad daylight in HD from all over the world.

If you thought UFOS were just a 'conspiracy theory' then think again - not only are they here - but they are here in HUGE NUMBERS...

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SECRET SPACE Vol.IV is a new THREE HOUR in-depth documentary exposing the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and shows clear evidence that planet Earth's atmosphere has been invaded by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of UFOs. 

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