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MESSAGE FROM CHRIS EVERARD:  Let’s put the record straight for people misled by watching crappy youtube clips: Göbekli Tepe isn’t even close to being the oldest civilisation - in fact its laughably recent. 

The world’s most ancient ‘buildings’ are two stone circles in a figure-of-eight built from phallus shaped stalactites in an underground cave which had a log-powered heating and venting system. It was the world’s first ‘church’. Yes, it was dedicated to the penis. 

It dates back to at least 176,000BC. Also by 40,000BC, an advanced civilisation had developed in GERMANY which worshipped a half-man/half-lion god which was carved in wood and ivory. A German figurine of this lion-man god has been discovered dating to 42,000BC. This leaves the ‘official history’ that mankind and civilisation came ‘out of Africa’ looking like yet another clickbait lie. It is. And so too is the bullshit about Göbekli Tepe on youtube...

The phallus-shaped stalactites in the French caves were carefully chosen for their resemblance to a penis which is an ancient symbol of universal fertility. I was the first author in 2016 to visit the site and put forward the hypothesis that this indeed is a MAGIC CIRCLE. The Neanderthals who built this magic circle were not idiot 'hunter-gatherers' stumbling hitting eachother over the head with clubs. They were an organised community with a heated and ventilated 'church' and were already using MAGIC to contact spirits.

“This book is much more professionally produced than your average book - it has a full color chapter and every page is illustrated - it’s not just a great read - with plenty of humorous and astonishing observations - but Chris Everard has managed to condense hundreds of thousands of years of human history into a book which you literally cannot put down and laugh at on nearly every page. Chris has an easy readable, witty style, which is so lacking in most books on ancient history”

           ~ Ancient Earth blog

My evidence is based on the ancient magical megalithic temple at Avebury in Wiltshire, England, which also contained a Figure of Eight arrangement of stones encompassing a large phallic obelisk. Yes, neanderthal man was a magician!  You can watch my report on another figure of eight stone circle which is now half-submerged off the coast of Brittany on the Enigma Channel]...

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In 2011, I wrote in Feed Your Brain Magazine that all the authors claiming that Göbekli Tepe in Turkey was the oldest advanced civilisation were just plain wrong and had failed to do their research. I was right. 

A full 7,500 years before Göbekli Tepe was ever built, the Japanese Jomon culture had established proper homestead farms, woven ropes, mastered terracotta clay, made teapots, concocted many hallucinogenic medicinal herbal teas, cultivated pigs, and even had their own art galleries, making psychedelically-shaped terracotta follies for them all to enjoy - yes, this was 15,000 years ago - back when all the history books are telling you that mankind had fur skin ponchos, no idea how to use tools, and was a Hunter-Gatherer nomad staggering from one bush of berries to the next, scratching his brain-less head, cowering in the wind, scared of his own shadow.

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Wobbly unedited youtube vloggers stumbling around Göbekli Tepe telling us its the oldest civilisation on planet earth need to give up their clickbait careers and go back to school. 

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a book of answers - not endless questions.

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