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Stop the ageing process with Carbon C60

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page book with 150+ illustrations and a free 2 hour documentary filmed in Egypt. Order by clicking here

CARBON C60 is the WONDER MOLECULE which is able to repair the TELOMERES in Human DNA.

The shortening of telomeres causes ageing.

CHRIS EVERARD investigates how mice in a laboratory lived THREE TIMES LONGER [in fact they are still alive] by eating Carbon C60, olive oil and turmeric...

But Chris Everard's book STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA also explains how Carbon C60 was extracted from CROCODILE FAT in the ancient world... 

And used to create an ELIXIR OF LIFE...

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But more astonishingly than all that, Neanderthals had GARDENS filled with plants which they used to HEAL eachother… 

And some of those plants were 'sacred' because they had cocaine-like effects...

OPIUM and the VATICAN... Shhhh... Opium is the great secret economic driving force which inspired Alexander the Great to conquer so many countries. These ancient pots are shaped EXACTLY like the OPIUM POPPY head and even have designs mimicking the incisions used to extract Opium latex.

Pollen samples from neanderthal gardens in Iraq reveal that every single one of their flowering plants had medicinal use. For example, the grape hyacinth is part of the Muscari genus and is known to have stimulant and diuretic effects. The hollyhock is 'the poor man's aspirin' on account of its use to allay pain caused by toothache and inflammation. The Senecio genus (common-name; ragwort or groundsel) have a number of medicinal applications, including relieving of female genital pains, and have also been used as haemostatic agents that staunch and control blood loss. 

The Yarrow or milfoij plant (of the genus Achillea) is an effective insect repellant, and has been included as an ingredient in medicines that treat dysentery. Saint Barnaby's thistle is often included in homeopathic and general herbal tinctures and tonics - its use has spanned millennia and is often plucked from the ground and chewed by indigenous peoples on the Arabian peninsula as a general health tonic.

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The last of the six plants found at the neanderthal caves of Iraq is the woody horsetail (Ephedra), which has a long history in the Asian pharmacopeia. Ephedra releases alkaloids which promote a speeding, rushing effect on the brain, inducing a feeling of lightness, quickening thought, allaying any fatigue. Its effects are similar to Amphetamine Sulphate which was dropped in millions of capsules upon the atomic- bomb-torn communities of Japan after 1945 - Amphetamine Sulphate is responsible for the rebuilding of Japan and the innovative, mercantile frenzy which ensued. Amphetamine and Ephedra-type compounds are known as 'war drugs' as everyone from the German NAZIs to modern day US fighter pilots swallow 'Go!’ pills before they bomb some hapless village and kill thousands of innocent people.

But that’s just the start of an amazing roller-coaster ride into previously unknown facts about the stone-age… CHRIS EVERARD goes on to explain how neanderthals performed advanced surgery on eachother and drilled mysterious holes into eachother’s skulls to attain a ‘permanent high’…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518page book and a 2hour film. 

The book is fully illustrated and the documentary film is tucked into your book package on two HD DVD data discs which can be read by any popular video-player app.

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