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Stonehenge and the gods from the stars

“Chris Everard’s STAR GODS book has unlocked the secret function of Stone Henge, Gobekli Tepe, Tara in Ireland and many other ancient monuments. His book has dozens of diagrams and illustrations which explain - in mind blowing detail - how ancient Shamans constructed stone circles and pyramids to be seen from the sky, in an attempt to lure to planet earth mysterious STAR GODS. Chris has clearly - and in a witty and entertaining way - demystified all these remarkable ancient sites. Highly recommended!” 

       ~ SHEREE GEO, Beyond The Veil Show, iHeart Radio

All around the world there are historical legends saying that STAR GODS arrived from the heavens and started to teach pre-neolithic mankind the secrets of fertility, astronomy, astrology, sacred geometry, geology and many other advanced skills and knowledge. Some of the legends in the Levant and Arabian peninsula say that these Star Gods were amphibian - they walked on land during the day, and returned to swim in the sea or a nearby lake at night.

Cast iron proof of the accuracy of their teachings is held by two tribes in Mali, Africa: who told anthropologists that SIRIUS was a multi star system long, long before astronomers had confirmed this to be true - the tribal elders of the DOGON PEOPLE in MALI said that they had been taught this long ago.


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These Star Gods are recorded into the legendary histories of Iraq, Japan and Mexico - cultures which are separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years all have an almost identical Creation Myth.

What’s more, when we look at the actual point of Creation, how the earth was formed, what it looked like and how come it became a teeming sphere full of life, we see that the early Jomon People of Japan [c. 14,000 BC] describe the earth as having been covered in a primordial sea, and that five pairs of Creator Gods willed into being the first ever creatures. This concept is almost identical to the Creation Myths written into the Temple of Unas, in Egypt, wherein four pairs of Creator Gods, called the OGDOAD triggered all life to evolve.

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