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Stone Age sex parties

Many hallucinogenic plants have an aphrodisiac quality and prehistoric viagra-like herbs played an important role in Neanderthal tribes...

These aphrodisiac herbs are even in the Bible! 

176,000 years ago, dildo-shaped megalithic stones and amulets and stalactites with phallus forms were used by Neanderthals to construct MAGIC CIRCLES in caves.

Prehistoric people carved giant megalithic penis stones and invested a huge amount of labour inserting them into the ground. It was a ‘cosmic sex act’ made with stones weighing several tons!

CHRIS EVERARD investigates the sexual aspects to megalithic sites such as Avebury in Wiltshire and NewGrange in Ireland.

Not only are phallus-shaped megalithic stones featured in this ground-breaking investigative book - but CHRIS EVERARD also analyses the stone circles which have been constructed to resemble a fertilised human egg.

One such revelation is that the OHIO SERPENT MOUND is NOT a serpent at all - it’s a SPERM!

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA by CHRIS EVERARD investigates the history of hallucinogenic herbs and magical ritual which has been CENSORED for thousands of years…

STONE AGE PSYCHEDELIA is a 518 page mega-book with 150 diagrams, maps and photos plus a full colour chapter with photos from Chris Everard’s expeditions to Egypt, Ireland, Spain and many other countries.

It is delivered with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING [no hidden postal charges] and is available from GumRoad books.

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