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STAR GODS - our cosmic ancestors

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In 2011, I was one of the first people to photograph the newly cleaned ceiling at Dendera in Egypt. 

It revealed a humanoid-serpent species of beings which Egyptologists on my research team initially described as ‘evil spirits’.

I sat down and gave a lecture about my research into the Sumerian Ogdoad gods to fellow Egyptologists. Mr Ahmed, an Islamic Egyptologist on my team, trained at Edinburgh University, remembered that similar serpent-humanoids exist in legends of Saudi Arabia. With further reading and a call to the history department at Sohaag University, we soon had pieced together more than 3,600 years’ worth of lost Ogdoad legends in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq….

Little did I know at that point that all my research in Egypt would lead me to Ireland and England - and the site of Stonehenge! 

STAR GODS was partly written in Egypt, with research contributed from Chris Everard's expedition team.

‘Star Gods’ are featured in the legendary histories of Iraq, Japan and Latin America - cultures which are separated by thousands of miles and thousands of years - but they all have an almost identical Creation Myth.

For the first time ever published, using drone images above StoneHenge, NewGrange and many ancient sites on planet earth - I can reveal that all these stone circles are actually giant ‘models’ of the human fertilized egg - giant stones have been inserted into the earth’s crust which represent Chromosomes, also the Centrioles [which form a 'T' shape], and the micro tubes which are electro-magnetically charged and, of course, the outer shell of the egg - all these aspects are sculpted in giant megalithic monuments all over the world… 

  • The TARA earthwork and AVEBURY henge actually show a fertilized human egg dividing into individual cells - THE SPARK OF LIFE ITSELF... 

And my book explains why sacrificed animals and human bone and blood were in-filled in holes in the ground at StoneHenge and many other sites.

Each and every one of the megalithic stone circles, and the sacred earthworks known as 'Tells' or 'Tumuli' are testimony to the fact that our ancient forefathers understood the complexities of how a human egg is fertilized, how a sperm is allowed into the inner circle of the egg, how the egg then divides... 

Many megalithic stone circles tell us that this knowledge was the 'highest secret' retained by Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods - and they built life-sized, huge models of eggs, complete with inner chambers, where novices could be trained to understand the sacred aspects of fertility…

STAR GODS is a digital 100 page book with more than 100 diagrams and rare photos. 

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